What affects my budget?

Each animation project is unique in its content and requirements. Development costs can very considerably.  There are six main variables that determine the price of animation.


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Style & Format

Whether you need 2D, 2.5D, 3D or 3D stereo animation, type of style can make a difference to budget. Each one affects the number of artists needed, the amount of work involved as well as the workflow plan. Also, bear in mind that high-definition formats require a higher level of detail and more render time than standard formats.

Number of characters

Developing an authentic, unique character from the first idea to the final stage is a lot of work. The process includes drafts, descriptions, definitions, colour inspirations, clean up tests, colouring tests, animation tests and more. Remember, the more characters involved, the higher our workload.

Number of locations and props

Quite simply, more locations mean more work. To create a beautiful and perfect set it all starts with the exciting first drafts. We then create light and colour inspirations and then the 2D background is finalised. Next comes modelling, texturing and layering rendering compositing etc.. You’ll love this bit (outcome), but take care with the quantity of locations.

Look and feel of the animation

Did you know that in animation the story affects the look of the project and the look affects the story? We can help you find the best look for your budget.

Level of detail

In any animation project everything is hand-made, whether it is 2D, 2.5D or 3D. The higher the level of detail (for example, the amount of objects you can see in a location, , amount details of an object) and the level of animation, the more time and work it means for us.


As a general rule: the longer the animation, the more it costs. However, the level of complexity involved with the other five variables also comes into play here.

To save money:

"Speak with us! It´s all about a good story and the best/right animation concept for your idea."

... and beautiful pictures and animation are guaranteed.


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